Something to take into consideration

Why using Electronic components?


Many of us could think about what we really need to perform a measurement, make a project or make something actually work, so, when we start thinking on what to measure and how to do this, we tend to conclude that we can make it work with a PC or digital computer, so we make this statement “why use electronics if I can use a PC”



Now, if we want to use lights that works with leds, of course we are not going to use a pc, but if we want control something, like a water pump with various “on-off” states, then it would be good to make use of our “logical circuits” friends, however if we just want to turn on and off a lamp, that is illuminating our backyard, then electronics is your best option

One of the most important questions excluding efficiency and effectiveness is the cost of whatever you are trying to do, remember that money is always a big Factor to take into consideration


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