What is this?

When i was at school, everybody told me how many careers existed but they never explained to me what could i achieve in each of them

If you think in electrical engineering, you will probably think “Tesla?”, well not so bad but actually even though Tesla had a lot of electronic devices and another inventions, we remember Tesla mostly because of his AC generator, so basically electric engineering would be in general power(potency, watts), a little bit of physics and electronics, but in short electrical engineering is all about ohm´s law


Now the important Part

So in electrical Engineering you will first learn, how does Voltage works, how does the current does his work, how are generators built, how much power (watts or kilowatts) do i need to power all of my electrical devices, how do i transport all of that power i am generating, how do electronic devices work and how does each electronic component work (resistors, diodes, transistors, MOSFETS,etc…) and finally you will se ohm´s law a lot.


photo credit: Jesse Mason via Youtube

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